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Today in History - The First Female Pilot of a Space Shuttle Mission

Posted on February 03 2021

"I wanted to be part of our nation's space program. It's the greatest adventure on this planet--or off the planet, for that matter. I wanted to fly the Space Shuttle."
This sense of determination is shared by all aviators pursuing their dreams. But who said this?
No other than Eileen Collins, the first female pilot of a space shuttle mission!
On this very day in 1995, she piloted NASA’s Discovery STS-63 which included a rendezvous with the Russian Space Station Mir. She went on to top this by becoming the first female commander of a space shuttle mission in 1999 for STS-93! A woman of achieving many ‘firsts’, she was also the USAF’s first female flight instructor. 
In a male dominated industry, inspiring women, such as Collins, who were able to break through the mold and usher in a new path for girls to realise their potential are treasured pioneers in aviation history.
"When I was very young and first started reading about astronauts, there were no women astronauts."
However, this did not scare her away. She dreamed of space and becoming a pilot. Like many aviation enthusiasts, she would watch aeroplanes take off and land at her local airport. She pushed on with her goals by joining the Air Force, and during her first month her base was visited by the first astronaut class to include women. Watching them, she realised she too could do it, and the rest is history.
Fellow aviators, who or what was the turning point that made you realise you too could reach for your goals?
Photo Credits: NASA / USAF
【當年今日 - 航空傳奇】
以上充滿無比決心的話句,來自 #太空穿梭機 任務的 #第一位 #女駕駛員 艾琳·柯林斯(Eileen Collins)
在 1995年 的今日 - 2月3日,她駕駛了 #NASA 美國太空總署 的 Discovery 發現號穿梭機 執行 STS-63 任務 ,與俄羅斯太空站 Mir 接合。她於 1999 擔任穿梭機任務 STS-93 #指揮官,亦成為了歷史上 #首位女穿梭機指揮官!在成為太空人之前,她更是 #美國空軍 USAF 的 #第一位女飛行教官,是一位獲得許多“第一”榮譽的 #航空傳奇人物
#男性主導 的航空業,像柯林斯這樣具啟發性的女士,突破所謂的常規,為女性實現內在潛力開闢了一條新途徑,是航空史上寶貴的開拓者。
圖片來源:NASA / USAF
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