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Presidential Helicopter - Marine One

Posted on January 22 2021

President Trump is about to leave office for the last time as President, on a Marine Helicopter Squadron One Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King Helicopter with the callsign "Marine One" which left the White House for Joint Base Andrews as part of the departure ceremony.
Unlike previous handovers from old to new presidents, President Trump left the White House as President before his successor President Biden took office. In the past, it was common practice that the outgoing president would not leave the White House until the inauguration of the new president.
The presidential aircraft has a unique callsign: if the current president boards a Marine Corps helicopter, the aircraft’s callsign would become “#MarineOne”; when the president boards an Air Force aeroplane, the aeroplane’s callsign becomes the well known “#AirForceOne”.
The presidential helicopter fleet is operated by the Marine Corps's Marine Helicopter Squadron One, so "Marine One" has become synonymous with the presidential helicopter.
〖Outgoing President's Callsign - Executive One〗
When a former president leaves the White House, usually they are no longer the "current president" because they have inaugurated the new president so, when they board the Marine Corps Sea King helicopter, the callsign would no longer be "Marine One"; instead it would become "#ExecutiveOne".
When the outgoing president leaves on an Air Force aeroplane, he cannot use the "Air Force One" callsign, so the air force will use a special call sign: “Special Air Mission XX”. For example, the Air Force callsign when the 44th President Barack Obama left office was “Special Air Mission 44”.
【 總統直升專機 - 陸戰隊一號 】
美國政府將於數小時後正式換屆,快即離任的 #特朗普總統 最後一次以總統身份乘坐 Callsign "Marine One" 的 海軍陸戰隊第一直升機中隊 (Marine Helicopter Squadron One)西科斯基 Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King 海王直升機,離開白宮,前往安德鲁斯三軍基地參加離任典禮。
總統專機都會有獨特的 #Callsign:如 #在任總統 登上 #海軍陸戰隊 的飛機,該機的Callsign就會成為 Marine One;同樣地當總統登上空軍的專機,該機的Callsign就會成為大家常聽到的 #AirForceOne。
而總統直升機由海軍陸戰隊第一直升機中隊運作,因此 #MarineOne 就變成總統直升機的代名詞。
〖 離任總統專機 - 行政一號 〗
過往 #離任總統 離開白宮時,因為已過 #新總統就職典禮,已經不再是「#現任總統」,所以就算登上陸戰隊的海王直升機時,Callsign 不會再用 "Marine One",而是轉成 "Executive One" 「#行政一號」。
#離任總統 在乘坐空軍專機離開時,因為不能用"Air Force One" Callsign,所以會用上特別的呼號:#特別空勤任務XX Special Air Mission XX ;例如 第 44 任總統奧巴馬離任時的空軍 Callsign 便是 Special Air Mission 44
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