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Kai Tak Ethos

20mm NATO Watch Strap - RHKAAF Mess Uniform Colour

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特別為紀念 #皇家香港輔助空軍 #RHKAAF 設計的 20mm NATO G10 手錶帶。

#NATO G10 尼龍手錶帶原是 #英國國防部 公發的手錶帶,結構簡單方便更換,亦可以於不同氣候舒適使用,保養亦較皮帶簡單。

NATO G10 尼龍手錶帶除了於軍事界別中流行,亦因為Sean Connery 飾演的 James Bond 於 #Goldfinger 戲中為 Rolex Submariner 配上了一條類似NATO的尼龍手錶帶,而令到NATO尼龍手錶帶成為流行至今的手錶帶配搭。

我們今次推出的手錶帶以RHKAAF #晚宴服 中的腹帶顏色作配色,所用色彩類似 #皇家空軍 配色,但間條有所分別。我們亦把格言"Semper Paratus";年份 1949 - 1993 ;和1949年所用的Tudor Crown 都鐸皇冠 - 印於錶帶背面,紀念輔助空軍於香港的服務歷史。

A unique NATO G10 watch strap designed by Kai Tak Ethos to echo style featured on RHKAAF personnels' Mess uniform. This colour combination is unique to the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force while it shared similarity to the Royal Air Force colour combination. 


Inside the loop of this 20mm NATO G10 strap, "Semper Paratus" with the year 1949 - 1993 were silk-printed in the inner layer. 


"Semper Paratus" means "Always Ready" in English, which was the HKAAF and RHKAAF's motto; and the years denote the service history of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force form 1949 - 1993. A Tutor Crown was used in this design to represent the heritage of the unit during its early years.